Therapy in mobility 30.11.2018

The project “Moving with horses: Resources for social interaction in equine-assisted therapy” is organising the first workshop realised with the NOS-HS Workshop Funding. The workshop takes place in Helsinki 28.–30.11.2018. The theme of the workshop is “Therapy in mobility”.

The workshop consists of group work within our project team. However, the workshop also includes a public event on Friday 30.11.2018, where we are presenting some of our ideas for everyone interested.

The programme for the Friday presentations can be found below.


Moving with horses
NOS-HS Workshop 1

Friday 30.11.2018
Porthania, room P673 (Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki)


Jérôme Michalon, Triangle Lab / ENS Lyon
Has therapy turned horses into dogs? A short history of equine-assisted interventions

Charlotte Lundgren & Marie Gustavsson, Linköping University
Participation in horse-assisted therapies and activities for persons with intellectual disabilities

Kimmo Svinhufvud, University of Helsinki
Repairing the motion: Movement and correction in horse-assisted psychotherapeutic interaction

Aija Logren, University of Tampere
Sharing and comparing experiences in group counselling: Endorsing and challenging stance through indications of similarities and differences of experiences

Elina Weiste, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
Joint decision making at Clubhouse and how to encourage members to participate in it

Project meeting in Lyon

16.–18.5.2018 was the first meeting of our project realised with the NOS-HS Workshop Funding. We worked for three days at the Triangle Lab in Lyon.

The aim of the meeting was to plan the actual workshops and work on our data. We also had a data session with the researchers of ICAR Lab and a meeting with one of our main collaborators, Jérôme Michalon. We made considerable progress and had plenty of fun, as well!

The dates for the first workshop are now set. The workshop will be held 29.–30.11.2018 in Helsinki, where we will work mainly with a splendid group of psychotherapy researchers. Some parts of the workshop will be just for the research group but we will also organize a set of public talks for everyone interested.

Workshop funding granted!

We just received a notification that our project has been granted the NOS-HS Workshop Grant for the years 2018–2019. The funding will enable us to organize a series of three workshops with leading researchers of interaction as well as different stakeholders in the field of equine-assisted therapy.

You can find information on the funding on the NOS-HS website.

Our first talk: Touch in horse-assisted psychotherapy

The first formal conference presentation of the project was held in the beginning of October 2017 at the Copenhagen Multimodality Day. The title of the presentation was Haptic communication in horse-assisted psychotherapeutic interaction. In other words, we talked about the different roles of touching in horse-assisted therapy. You can find a brief summary of the conference here.

More pilot data collected

We managed to record some more pilot data in Finland this week. Funnily enough, the weather was once again wonderfully cinematic, with the blue skies and the shining sun. Looking forward to working on the data!

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Workshop in Helsinki

Today we did our first public data session at the Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Workshop in Helsinki, presenting some of our data recorded in February. The other participants of the workshop included Doug Maynard, Anssi Peräkylä, Jörg Bergmann, Bill Stiles, Peter Muntigl, among many others. We received valuable comments and feedback from these experienced researchers.

Pilot data collected

This week we have collected pilot data in Finland with two therapists, three horses and three clients. The weather was wonderful, providing us with cinematic backgrounds of the Finnish winter!